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The plant hormone cytokinin plays an important role in many physiological and developmental processes as well as the reaction of plants to abiotic and biotic stress. The cytokinin signal perception and transduction is mediated by a multi-step phospho-relay system, a variation of the classical two-component signaling pathway found in bacteria (Heyl and Schmülling, 2003).

In the current model of this signaling pathway, the binding of cytokinin to the ligand binding domain, the CHASE domain, causes the mainly ER-localized cytokinin receptor histidine kinase (HK) to auto-phosphorylate itself at a conserved histidine residue (Heyl et al., 2007; Wulfetange et al., 2011). Subsequently this signal is transferred within the receptor protein to a canonical aspartate residue of a C-terminal response regulator domain. Afterwards, the phosphoryl signal is transferred to a histidine phospho-transfer protein (HPt), which can translocate to the nucleus, where it activates the type-B response regulators (type-B RRs) by phosphorylation of the response regulator domain (Dortay et al., 2006). These Myb- transcription factors activate the transcription of their target genes, one group of which are the type-A RRs (Heyl et al., 2008). These regulate in a negative feedback loop the activity of cytokinin signaling and represent an internode, linking the cytokinin signaling pathway with other cellular signaling pathways (Gruhn and Heyl, 2013).

Cytokinin signalling scheme
Figure 1: Modified model of the cytokinin signal transduction pathway. A 'core' model for the signal transduction of cytokinin (For review see Gruhn and Heyl, 2013). The different domains shown are labeledaccording to the Pfam database ( RR = response regulator receiver domain (PF00072); Myb-related DNA-binding domain (PF00249); HK = histidine kinase, composed of the histidine kinase A domain (PF00512) and the Histidine kinase-ATPase domain (PF02518);HPT = histidine phosphotransfer protein, contains the Hpt domain (PF01627); CHASE = cyclase histidine kinase associated sensory extracellular (PF03924).

In the Heyl group we are interested to understand the molecular mechanism of the cytokinin signaling system. Towards this goal we currently focus on two areas, the regulation of the transcriptional response to cytokinin and the evolution of the cytokinin signal transduction.

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(*awarded with the FEBS Journal Young Investigator Award)

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New publication

An article about the analysis of a cytokinin-responsive gene of Arabidopsis thaliana encoding a novel F-box protein regulating sterol biosynthesis has been published in Journal of Experimental Botany.
May 2017

New publication

A report about constitutively active mutants of the cytokinin receptors AHK2 und AHK3 and their impact on organ size, flowering time, and plant longevity has been published in Plant Physiology.
March 2017

New publication

An article about the role of the transcription factor ERF105 in freezing tolerance and cold acclimation has been published in Plant Cell and Environment.
January 2017

Krolow Award 2016

The Krolow Award 2016 was given to Dr. Anne Cortleven for her work about the role of Cytokinin in the plant response to high light stress.
November 2016
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